Goodman, Joseph

Pension Application

GOODMAN, Joseph (Nancy). W.3411; BLWt.10243-160-55.

3 Nov. 1842. Albemarle Co., Va. Nancy (X) Goodman of said county, aged 75, declares she is the widow of Joseph Goodman whom she has often heard state that he was drafted for eighteen months. She was married in Jan. 1786 and her husband died 16 June 1826.

3 Nov. 1842. Albemarle Co., Va. Susan Michie declares Joseph Goodman died 16 June 1826.

7 Nov. 1842. Albemarle Co. , Va. Jesse Lewis, aged 87, declares he was acquainted with Joseph Goodman who married Nancy Michie. Goodman was drafted or substituted himself in the spring of 1780 or 1781 for eighteen months and served in one of the continental Virginia regiments. Goodman marched from Albemarle County under Capt. Benjamin Harris and rendezvoused at Chesterfield old Court House and was placed under Gen. Baron Steuben. He continued in service until after the siege at Yorktown. He was then marched to Cumberland old Court House, where the troops went into winter quarters. He believes Goodman did not march with the army to the south in the spring of 1782 but remained behind in Virginia in consequence of ill health. Affiant served with Goodman in the same company and regiment. They were frequently under the command of different captains, at one time under Capt. Kirkpatrick, at another under Capt. Field, and another time under Capt. Lovely. Their field officers were Maj. Poston, Col. Gaskins and others.

2 Dec. 1786. Albemarle Co., Va. Marriage bond: Joseph Goodman to Nancy Michie. Security, William Tandy.

28 Oct. 1783. Certificate for E202.17.7, the balance of full pay of Joseph Goodman, soldier of infantry, Continental Line, was issued and delivered to himself.

30 May 1843. Albemarle Co., Va. Nancy (X) Goodman of said county, aged 75, applies for continuance of pension.

24 Sept. 1848. Albemarle Co., Va. Nancy M Goodman of said county, aged 80, applied for continuance of pension.

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