Goodin, Lewis

Pension Application

GOODIN (GOODEN), Lewis (Charlotte). W.2608; BLWt.15447-160-55.

21 Sept. 1832. Barren Co., Ky. Lewis M Goodin of said county, aged 71, declares he enlisted in 1780 with Maj. Willis
and served in the 4th Regiment of the Virginia State line. Maj. Willis marched them to Fredericksburg. Capt. Cannon took
the command of their company after Capt. Kirkpatrick, their first captain, for his eye shot out. He enlisted for eighteen
months but continued in service for two years and left service in the fall of 1782. He resided in Culpeper Co. Va., when he
entered Service. He marched from Culpeper to Fredericksburg under Maj. Willis and remained there about three weeks and was then marched to Bottom’s Bridges and placed under Gen. Steuben and was for some reason or other taken from under Steuben and placed under Gen. Wayne in the 4th Virginia Regiment. After having been attached to Wayne he marched under him to York and was at the siege of York under Wayne and was then marched under Wayne to Cumberland old Court house and was stationed there all winter. Then he was marched to Ebenezer on Savannah River in Georgia, about twenty miles from Savannah. They remained at Ebenezer until the British evacuated Savannah, after which the regiment was marched back to Cumberland old Court house to receive their discharges. He got his discharge there from Capt. Kirkpatrick.

Previous to his enlistment in the regular service he volunteered as a militia man in 1779 under Capt. Ephraim Rucker for three months. They marched to the northward at the time the Roebuck blew up in the Delaware River. He saw the smoke ascending and heard the report when it blew up. After serving out his time he marched back to Culpeper County where he got his discharge. He volunteered when he was only 16 years of age.

15 July 1853. Marion Co., Ky. Charlotta (X) Goodin of said county, aged 68, declares she is the widow of Lewis Goddin who lived in Barren County. She was married 25 Feb. 1820 in Barren County. Her husband died about 4 Nov. 1837 in Casey Co., Ky.

21 July 1853. Taylor Co., Ky. Elijah M Edwards of said county declares he is the brother of Charlotta Goodin of Marion Co., Ky. He is now about 58 years of age. Charlotta married Lewis Goodin about thirty years ago in Barren Co., Ky. After his death about 1837 she removed to Marion County.

3 Aug. 1853. Marion Co., Ky. Lewis M Goodin and Nancy M Goodin, both over 30 years of age, declare they are children of….

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