Gaines, William

Pension Application

GAINES, William. S.31687.

5 Nov. 1832. Elbert Co., Ga. William Gaines of said county, aged 75, declares he volunteered at the commencement of the Revolutionary War under Capt. Jones, commanded by Col. Cole, served thirty days and was discharged.

He enlisted in 1780 under Capt. Marks and Joined his regiment at Chesterfield Court House, Va., marched to Richmond and from Richmond back to Chesterfield Court House, then to Albemarle old Court House, where he was commanded by Col. Gaskins and Maj. Polson, marched thence to Point of Fork, then across Roanoak River, then back across James River above Richmond, from that place joined Gen. Wayne and Marquis De Lafayette, marched to Bird’s on James River, across James River to Cobham, from Cobham to Richmond, from Richmond to Springfield, and from Springfield to Yorktown and remained there until the British army commanded by Lord Cornwallis surrendered. From Yorktown after the surrender he went to Cumberland old Court House, Va., and after serving eighteen months was discharged there in the latter part of 1781 or first of 1782. He resided in Albemarle County when he enlisted in the army of the United States and when he volunteered his services.

He was born in Albemarle County in 1757 and has a record of his age. He resided in Virginia until he removed to Georgia about forty years ago and now resides in Elbert County.

5 Nov. 1832. Elbert Co., Ga. William Ward declares he was acquainted with William Gaines at Chesterfield Court House, Va., in 1780 and 1781 for five or six months and he was then in the service as a soldier.

William Gaines of Elbert Co., Ga., private in the company of Capt. Jones in the regiment of Col. Cole in the Virginia line for nineteen months, was placed on the Georgia pension roll at $63.33 per annum under the Act of 1832. Certificate 6817 was issued 2 March 1833.

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