Foxworthy, William

Pension Application

FOXWORTHY, William (Clarissa). W.8825.

3 Sept. 1832. Fleming Co., Ky. William (X) Foxworthy of said county, aged about 80, declares he resided in Prince William Co., Va., and in March 1781 was drafted to serve eighteen months and immediately entered the service of Capt.. Kirkpatrick, Maj. Willis and Col. Posey. They rendezvoused at Fredericksburg and marched to Carter’s Ferry, Richmond, old Jamestown and Yorktown and back to Richmond where he got a furlough in October or November permitting him to return and see his family.. Peace being declared he never returned to his company.

Two or three weeks before the battle of Germantown he entered service as a substitute drafted for three months under Maj. Hugh Brent who was captain. They met at the red house in Fauquier Co., Va., and marched to Germantown where they arrived two or three days after the battle.

3 Sept. 1832. Fleming Co., Ky. Mrs. Ann W. Calvert declares he was well acquainted with William Foxworthy in Prince William County. She was raised near him and when he married he settled within three quarters of a mile of her father’s. He went into the army in the spring of 1781 and served to the close of the war. She frequently visited his wife during his absence in the army. She moved to Kentucky in 1790 and Foxworthy in 1794. She now lives within twelve or thirteen miles of him.

24 June 1834. Fleming Co., Ky. William (X) Foxworthy of said county, aged 81, deciares in Sept. 1777 he entered service as a drafted soldier for three months and marched under Capt. Hugh Brent from Prince William Co., Va., to the Red house in Fauquier County where they rendezvoused with several other companies and from there marched with rapidity to the main army. They reached the main army at Germantown two days after the battle at that place. He served out his three months.

In March 1781 he was again drafted for eighteen months and marched from Dumfries on 8 March and was placed under
Capt. Kirkpatrick of the regular line in Maj. Willis’ battalion of Col. Posey’s regiment. At Fredericksburg, Va., they met several other companies and marched to Carter’s Ferry on James River, then to Richmond, Jamestown and York
where they united in the siege and continued until after the surrender of Cornwallis. He procured a furlough to visit his
family in Prince William where he resided and before his furlough was out he received intelligence from Col. Swing,
who was a near neighbor, that peace had been announced and there was no necessity to return to the army. He was in the
battle of Jamestown and siege of York.

He resided in Prince William County until 1794 when he moved to Kentucky. He was born in Stafford Co., Va., on I April 1753.

24 June 1834. Fleming Co., Ky. Charles Arnold deciares in 1777 he performed a short tour as a drafted soldier and
marched from Prince William in September towards Philadelphia and joined the army at Germantown two days after the
battle. He knows William Foxworthy was in that tour. Afterwards there was another draft for eighteen months and he
understood Foxworthy was drafted and performed that tour. While that tour was performing, Cornwallis was taken. Fox-
worthy was a married man at the time of the draft last referred to. The affiant after the war married a cousin of Foxworthy’s wife and now resides within a mile of him and has resided so near about twenty years.

12 Sept. 1835. Petition of William (X) Foxworthy to the United States House of Representatives to secure a pension.
[The bill was approved 28 June 1836.]

16 Feb. 1836. Report no. 332, House of Representatives, re petition of William Foxworthy [printed]. [The details
summarize the information in the declarations above.]

13 July 1846. Fleming Co., Ky. Samuel Foxworthy of said county, aged about 58, on behalf of his mother Clarissa
Foxworthy deciares she is the widow of William Foxworthy who was a private in the Virginia militia and served eight to
ten months. His mother is of unsound mind. She married William Foxworthy late in 1777 or early in 1778. The family
record was burned. Her husband died 17 June 1837.

19 May 1778. Prince William Co., Va. Marriage bond. William Foxworthy to Clara Caivert. Security, William Calvert. Witness, Evan Williams.

II July 1846. Fleming Co., Ky. John Foxworthy, aged 65, deciares he is the oldest son of William and Clarissa Foxworthy who were married in Prince William Co., Va., about

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