Ducker, John

Pension Application

DUCKER, JOHN. S-15409.

15 June 1818. Pendleton Co., Ky. John Ducker of Campbell Co., Ky., aged 58, declares he was drafted as a private in Winchester, Va.”, about 7 April 1781 and attached to the compcny of Capt. Samuel Finley (now Gen. Finley of Chillicothe) and marched to Powhatan Court House the drafts being to fill up different regiments. He was attached to Capt. Kilpatrick’s company of the 4th Regiment commanded by Col. Gaskins under Inspector General Baron Steuben and from there was marched to the south across Stanton River, then back again to Col. Dandridges. There Gen. Wayne took the command of Col. Gaskins’ regiment and he remained under him until after the capture of Lord Cornwallis and then was marched under Maj. Poulston to the Horse pen Branch near Powhatan Court House for winter quarters and remained there until February under Gen. Febiger and Maj. Samuel Finley, and when the detail was made for nine companies, he was marched under Col. Posey (now Gen. Posey) and Maj. Samuel Finley on 14 Feb. 1782 and arrived in Georgia on 7 April and joined Gen. Wayne at Ebenezer and continued under his command during his campaign in Georgia and was in the battle called Brown’s defeat and also at the battle called Segar’s defeat, where the Indians attacked them by surprise at the Widow Gillon’s and on the same evening was in a skirmish under Lt. Daniel Bedinger. He then marched to Ashley Hill near Charleston and then disbanded and marched under Lt. Cannon, quartermaster, to the Horse pen Branch at Powhatan and was there discharged by Gen. Charles Scott about the last of Nov. 1782. He left his discharge in Frederick Co., Va., before he moved to Kentucky.

Sept. 1832. Campbell Co., Ky. John Ducker of said county aged 73 on 19 April last, declares he was drafted in April 1781 for eighteen months in Frederick Co., Va.3 in the town of Winchester, enrolled by Capt. Samuel Finley and Ens. Daniel Bedinger, and marched by the same two officers to Col. Mather’s headquarters at Chesterfield, Va. The day before they arrived the British set the barracks on fire. They then turned their course to Post Ann old Court House. There they drew arms and recrossed James River at Carter’s Ferry. They were mustered and inspected by Baron Steuben and he was placed in the 4th Virginia Regiment under Col. Gaskins and Maj. Pottson in Capt. Killpatrick’s company, under Lt. Thomas Cradick and Ens. Bedinger, and went to Albemarle old Court House and drew new arms. They then were driven by Tarleton across the South Fork of James River and then with a rapid march until they crossed Stanton River. Then they recrossed Stanton River and marched to Gen. Marquis de Lafayette’s headquarters where they were attached to Gen. Wayne’s brigade, under whom they continued until Cornwallis surrendered at Yorktown, Va. Then they were marched by Maj. Pottson to Post Ann County [sic] where they erected barracks and were commanded by Col. Febiger until the first of Feb. 1782. They were then placed under Col. Thomas Posey and Maj. Samuel Finley. On 14 February they took up their march for Gen. Greene’s headquarters in South Carolina but before they arrived at headquarters they were met by an express ordering them to Georgia to reinforce Gen. Wayne. They joined him on 7 April at Ebenezer. On 23 May they received an express to march toward Savannah where they fought the battle under Gen. Wayne. He was also in the battle of [Widdanes lane?]. The next day he was in a small skirmish with the British picket guard. He marched in with Gen. Wayne when he took possession of Savannah. Then they marched to South Carolina and joined Gen. Greene at his headquarters. On their route on the Tulifinny River the brave Col. Lawrance fell in a skirmish with the British. They remained in Gen. Greene’s headquarters until some time in October when their service being out, they were marched back to Virginia by Capt. Warman and Lt. Luke Cannon and discharged about 1 December by Gen. Charles Scott. His discharge was left in Virginia. He was placed on the pension roll 13 May 1819 and struck off on account of property.

23 Jan. 1845. Kenton Co., Ky. John Ducker declares he now resides in Kentucky where he intends to remain.

John Ducker of Campbell Co. ‘ Ky., private in the regiment of Col. Gaskins in the Virginia line for eighteen months, was placed on the Kentucky pension roll at $8 per month from 15 June 1818 under the Act of 1818. Certificate 10545 was issued 13 May 1819.

John Ducker of Campbell Co., Ky., private in the company of Capt. Findley in the regiment of Col. Gaskins in the Virginia line for eighteen months from 1780,-was placed on the Kentucky pension roll (transferred-to Ohio) at $60 per annum under the Act of 1832. Certificate 13568 was issued 24 May 1833.

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