Douglass, Thomas

Pension Application

DOUGLASS. Thomas (Elizabeth Weymouth, former widow). W-9885: BLIlt-87o47-160-55.

24 May 1818. Westmoreland Co. ” Va. Thomas Douglass of said county, in his 56th year, declares in the spring of 1781 he was drafted for eighteen months, served that time and was marched to Four Mile Creek and put under Capt. Thomas Martin and from thence marched to Bottom’s Bridge, Cumberland Court House and to York, and then to Georgia under Gen. Wayne, and then to Cumberland Court House and was discharged.

[A similar declaration of the same date omits mention of Four Mile Creek and suggests he was put under Martin at Bottom’s Bridge.]

24 May 1818. Westmoreland Co., Va. William Harriss, aged about 57, declares he served with Thomas Douglass in the same company under the same captain.

10 July 1819. Westmoreland Co., Va. William Spurling declares Thomas Douglass was in a company of Capt. Thomas Martin in the same regiment as himself, commanded by Col. Gaskins, until after the siege of York, at which period the regiment was commanded by Col. Febiger, and marched to Cumberland old Court House where they took up winter quarters. In the spring the regiment marched to the southward and the deponent was left there sick.

10 July 1810. Westmoreland Co., Va. Bennett McKey declares he was aquainted with Thomas Douglass who was at Cumberland old Court House and belonged to the company of Capt. Thomas Martin and regiment of Col. Febiger. In the spring the regiment marched to the southward under Col. Posey. On their march Douglass was taken with the small pox and left behind (he thinks at Dan River). He is certain he served over nine months.

26 June 1820. Westmoreland Co., Va. Thomas Douglass of said county, aged about 60, declares he served in the 10th or llth Virginia Regiment of Col. Febiger in the company of Capt. Thomas Martin, was at the siege of York in Virginia, and in South Carolina and in several skirmishes with the British and Indians on the Augusta River near Savannah, Ga.

He owns no real estate. He is a farmer and rents land for which he pays $30 annually. His personal property consist of one sorrell horse worth $30, seven hogs of all sizes among which are pigs, and household furniture worth $10.

He is about 61 years old, very infirm. His wife is about 52. No children reside with him all are married and gone to themselves.

[The Court values his property at $55.1

12 Feb. 1826. Will of Thomas Douglass of Northumberland County, being weak in body. To my son Rodham Douglass one bed and furniture, one chest, three cairs [Chairs?] and my gun and the balance of my property unto my wife Elizabeth during her life.,, then to return unto my son James H. Douglass. INy friends James S. Hale and Walter Self executors. Witnesses 17m. J. Helm, Randal Headley, Presly Hudson.

12 April 1830. Northumberland Co. ” Va. Proved by Presley Hudson and Randal Hadley. Probate of this will granted to James S. Hale’9 Aug. 1830.

23 Feb. 1850. Northumberland Co., Va. 11rs. Elizabeth (X) Weymouth of said county, aged 65, declares she is the widow of Thomas Douglass. She was.married in said county on 16 Nov. 1824 by Rev. William Forester and her name was Elizabeth Shearley. Thomas Douglass died 20 Jan. 1830. She was afterward married to Newton Weymouth on 11 Oct. 1837 in said county. He died in said county 5 Feb. 1848. He was drowned in Yeocomoco River.

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