Davis, John

Pension Application

DAVIS John. S-30371.

14 Sept. 1832. Wayne Co., Ky. John (X) Davis of said county, aged 74 on 12 December next, declares he first enlisted in 1776 just after New Year under Roly Madison, the second lieutenant of the company, in Botetourt Co., Va-3 and served in the 7th Virginia Regiment under Gen. Andrew Lewis, Col. McClanahan, Maj. Posto-n and Capt. Thomas Posey. Heserved about ten months and got sick, too unwell to discharge his duty, with ague and fever. In the meantime his brother Thomas Davis came down to see him and finding him unwell agreed to stay in the army in his place until he might go home, recover and return. Shortly afterward, before he got well, he wrote him not to return, that he would serve his two years out. He did so and then enlisted for three years longer. The deponent was in an engagement at Guynn’s Island against the British commanded by Lord Dunmore. From Botetourt County they first marched to Gloucester Court House and joined part of the regiment, then to Augusta, then to Albemarle and then easterly to the sea shore ‘ where they were stationed as a guard for some time. They then marched to Williamsburg and were stationed there some tire, where his brother Thomas Davis came to see him.

Something like twelve months after his first enlistment was out, having recovered his health, he enlisted for three years in Botetourt County in the winter before the battle of Little York under Capt. Balmes Smith, Col. Febiger and Col. Gaskins in the 12th Virginia Regiment. They marched through Augusta and Albemarle and down James River and joined the main army following Lord Cornwallis. At or near Jamestown they had a battle and Gen. Wayne was much worsted by the British by their lying in ambush for him. Then they marched through and about Williamsburg and remained until they marched to the siege of York. One night while on guard he had his gun barrel in his hands about half cut off by the bursting of a bombshell. It set his clothes on fire. He was much stunned and shocked and remained speechless and senseless for some time until the balance of the guard care to his relief and put out the fire burning his clothes. He recovered, not experiencing much injury from the shock. After the battle of York he was discharged by Capt. Nathaniel Lamb. He served nine months of his last enlistment of three years.

John Davis of Wayne Co., Ky., private in the company of Capt. Madison in the regiment of Col. Clanahan in the Virginia line for nineteen months, was placed on the Kentucky pension roll at $63.33 per annum under the Act of 1832. Certificate 19389 was issued 2 Sept. 1833.

Arrears of pension to 30 Sept. 1841 was paid to the children of John Davis.

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