Cooke, Charles

Pension Application

23 Oct. 1818. Dearborn Co., Ind. Charles (X) Cook of said county declares he enlisted in March 1781 at Charlottesville in Albemarle Co., Va., in the company of Capt. John Harris in the regiment of infantry of Col. Gaskins and served until about July or Aug. 1781. He was transferred to the regiment of Col. Posey under Capt. Beverly Roy and served (having enlisted for eighteen months) until 1 Sept. 1782. He was marched to Cumberland Court House, Va., and discharged by Gen. Charles Scott. He was present at the capture of Lord Cornwallis and his army at Yorktown and after that was marched to Cumberland Court House where he lay in winter quarters in the winter of 1781. In the spring he again joined the command of Gen. Wayne at Ebenezer Town on the Savannah River in Georgia and continued in that command until discharged. He was enlisted at the age of 16 and is now about 8 years of age. His discharge he believes to be in the possession of his father in Albemarle Co., Va.

22 Dec.1820. Dearborn Co., Ind. Charles Cook, aged 60, declares he owns one cow and calf, one shovel plough (old), one axe (old), one set pewter plates (old), two pewter knives (old), one sow and five pigs, three knives and forks, one Bible (old), one Russell’s sermons, six iron spoons (old), one hoe (old), one pot, one iron kettle, one small bake oven.

He is a farmer. His family residing with him is his wife Priscilla, aged 60, and Thomas, aged 16.

Charles Cook 3 private under Capt. Ray in the Virginia line for one year and eleven months, 1781, was placed on the Indiana pension roll at $8 per month from 23 Oct. 1818 under the Act of 1818. Certificate 4724 was issued 1 Dec. 1818.

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