Bybee, Neilly

Pension Application

Provided by Jay B. Jones of Pennsylvania

State of Kentucky Revolutionary Claims
Clarke Circuit Court

For the purpose of obtaining the benefit of the act of Congress entitled “An Act Supplementary to an Act for the relief of certain Surviving Officers and Soldiers of the Army of the Revolution” approved on the 7th day of June 1832, I Neilly Bybee of the County of Clarke in the state of Kentucky aged 69 years, do hereby declare,

that I enlisted in the service of the Army of the Revolution for the term of eighteen months under Capt Lovely of the (Virginia) Continental line in the Regiment commanded by Col Gaskins, in the month of April as well as I can recollect in the year 1781

that shortly after my said enlistment I was transferred by order of the Col. to the waggon department under Waggon Master John B. Carter, that at the time of my said enlistment I resided in the County of Fluvanna in the said state of Virginia, that I joined the Army at the Barracks near the point forks of James River in the Spring 1781,

and was discharged honorably from service by my Captain at Santee in South Carolina with directions to get my discharge from Gen. Chas. Scott upon my return which written discharge I obtained from Gen Scott in the year 1783, the Captain having given me a certificate in the year 1782 at Santee where I was left sick, and when I recovered and applied to said Scott at his residence in Cumberland County Virginia, he gave me a written discharge in said year of 1783 which discharge I left with my Sister in said County of Fluvanna (who has since died) in the year 1783 and supposes that the same has been lost.

I left the State of Virginia in the year 1785 or 1786 and came to the state of Kentucky and remained in said last named state about one year when I returned to the State of Virginia where I remained until the year 1792 when I removed to said State of Kentucky and have resided in the County of Clarke in said State ever since tho’ it was within the boundary of Fayette County at the time.

I first came and The Army in which I served Marched first from Point fork on James River Fluvanna County up in the forks of the River near Lynchburg [called Lynchburg, Lynch’s Ferry, or Lynch’s, interchangeably], and then returned back to the Barracks at Point Forks, and next marched across to Staunton River at Coles Ferry, and marched back and crossed James River at Carters Ferry from thence to Richmond and from Richmond to Bottom’s old Fields, from thence across the Wilderness Bridge above Fredericksburg, from thence back to Bottoms fields,

at Bottoms old Fields Capt. Kilpatrick [Kirkpatrick] of the same Regiment was shot in the eye by a soldier of the name of Grant, for which offence said Grant was hung.-

From Bottoms old Field we marched across Dismal Swamp to Cabin or Stony Point on James River, from thence to York where we remained until Cornwallis was taken in the Fall 1781, from thence marched up to Cumberland Old Courthouse where we staid thro’ the Winter,

and in the Spring 1782 we marched to South Carolina near the Savanna River where we staid until the Fall of the year where I was left sick and received a certificate of my having fulfilled my engagement from Capt. (name not recollected) which I produced to Gen. Scott in 1783 & received my discharge as first stated.-

that Col. Posey Commanded the Regiment in which I marched to South Carolina – that I served the full term of eighteen months agreeable to the terms of my enlistment – and I do hereby relinquish every claim whatever to a pension or annuity except the present, and declare that my name is not on the pension roll of the agency of any state.

Given under my hand and seal this 25th day of July 1832,

Att his

Samuell Taylor Neilly X Bybee


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