Bundy, Francis

Pension Application

BUNDY, Francis S.37799. About 21 April 1818. Culpeper Co. Va Francis Bundy aged 60, declares he enlisted in Caroline Co. Va. in the company of Capt. Kirkpatrick in the regiment of Col. Thomas Gaskins in April 1780 and served until 1782 when he was discharged at Winchester. He was at the siege of Little York and in several skirmishes,

17 April 1818, Culpeper Co,, Va. Charles Carter Allan declares Francis Bundy is getting to be advanced in years and is very poor.

20 June 1818. Orange Co., Va. Gen. James Williams certifies that Francis Bundy was a soldier in the Virginia Continental Line and belonged to Capt. Kirkpatrickis company in the regiment of Col. Thomas Gaskins.

17 Oct. 1820. Culpeper Coo, Va, Francis Bundy of said county aged 67 or 68 declares he enlisted in Capt. Kirkpatrick’s company in the regiment of Col. Thomas Gaskins, served three years and six months was at the siege of York and in sundry skirmishes and was discharged at Winchester Barracks.

He owns four calves, about ten or twelve barrels of corn made this year one axe, mare and colt, two pots, skillet table, two chests, spinning wheel, some earthen ware and pewter, one old wagon with three wheelss all of which has been distrained by the constable to satisfy rent due from him to his land lord of $43.80 and which he mortgaged to Isaac Bundy who became his security for the payment of the rent.

He is a painter. His family consists of one small boy about 12 or 13 years olde

Francis Bundy of Culpeper Co., Va., private in the regiment of Col. Gaskins in the Virginia line for two years., was placed on the Virginia pension roll at $8 per month from 21 April 1818 under the Act of 1818. Certificate 15176 was issued 25 Sept, 1819.

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