Buffington, David

Pension Application

BUFFINGTON, David (Margaret). W.4906.

3 Nov, 1832, Fairfield Cos, Ohio. David Buffington of Walnut Township in said county aged 70., declares he was born in Hampshire Cos, Va., near Romney and remained there until the Revolutionary War when he entered eighteen months service as a substitute for William or Benjamin Ely, Ely was drafted for that period, He had no captain until he joined the regiment on James River about thirty or forty miles above the Point of Forks. He was then put under Capt. Kilpatrick or Kirkpatrick in the regiment of Col. Gaskins, under Baron Steuben who disciplined them, He used, as report said, to send some of the soldiers to hunt black snakes for him to eat, which he called bush eels. The troops were drawn from place to place in Virginia by Cornwallis and in that way he served out fourteen months of the term. He was at the taking of Cornwallis. In June or July 1782 before his first tour ended he enlisted for the war under the same captain in the regiment of Col. Febiger, He got a furlough and afterward joined the army at Cumberland old Court House, The regiment being gone to South Carolina, he remained until the fall and then went to Winchester Barracks where he was discharged in July 1783, He sent his discharge from the last service to Richmond to obtain a land warrant in 1784 or 1785. He assigned his claim to bounty land to John Foreman of Hampshire County.

His birth was registered In the family Bible but is obliterated or worn out,

17 Jane 1845o Fairfield Co. Ohio Margaret (X) Buffington of Walnut Township in said county., aged-82s, declares she is the widow of David Buffington. She was-married 2 March 1784 in Hampshire Co., Va, He died 6 Octo 1836 In Walnut Township.

10 March 1845, Fairfield Co. Ohio, Richard Buffington son of David and Margaret Buffington aged 42 declares he has taken leaves from the old family Bible., now In possession of John Frizzle who married Rebecca daughter of David and Margaret Buffington. All entries except the first two are in the handwriting of David Buffington and these are a record of the birth of the brother and sister of David Buffington;

Mary Daughter of William Buffington & Mary his Wife was born January 13th 1780
Richard Son of William Buffington & Mary his Wife was born April 26th 1782
Mary Daughter of David Buffington & Margret his wife was born May the 11th 1786 being Thursday four a Clock in the
Rebeckah Daughter of David Buffington and Margret his Wife Was Born September 6 Day 1788
John Son of David Buffington and Margret His Wife was Born November the 18: 1790
Catharine Daughter of born April 16th 1793
Susannah Daughter of David Buffington & Margaret his wife was Born August 14th 1794 on Thursday
Peter Buffington Son of David & Margaret Buffington was born Febre 22 – 1797
Richard Buffington Son of David & Margaret Buffington Was born Novembr. 21st 1802
Mary Ann Daughter of David & Margaret Buffington Was born June the 28th 18064 .
William Buffington of David was born in the year of our Lord August lth day 1808 A This Bible was printed In Edinburgh
in 1769.

The Virginia Auditor certifies that Military Warrant 2991 for 200 acres was issued to David Buffington 21 A ril 17840

3 Oct 1848, Fairfield Coo, Ohio Margaret (X3 Buffington applies for continuance of pension, She has lived in Walnut Township for 23 years and previously lived in Virginia

David Buffington of Fairfield Coos Ohio, private In the company of Capto Kirkpatrick in the regiment of Col. Febiger in the Virginia line for 23 months, was placed on the-Oblo, pension roll at $76066 per annum under the Act of 18.3424 Certificate 4008 was Issued 8 Jane 1833.

David Buffington & Margaret his Wife was…

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