Brent, John

Pension Application

BRENT John (Jane). R,.1176.

28 July 1818, John Brent declares he enlisted in the fall of 1775 for one year in the 2nd Virginia Regiment in Capt. Morgan Alexander’s company under Col. Alexander Spotswood and in Aug. 1776 enlisted for three years in the same company. He
was allowed a furlough of three months under the second enlistment. He was discharged 8 Aug. 1779.

On 2 April 1781 he again enlisted In the 2nd Regiment in Capt. Kirkpatricks company. The regiment vas commanded by Col. Christopher [sic] Febiger. He was discharged 6 June 1783. Some part of the time he acted as an artificer, he being a blacksmith.

He fought at Brandywine, Assisted in defending Mud Island Fort when besieged by the British, was wounded in the right side at the battle of Monmouth and assisted at the storming of Paulus Hook under Maj. Lee.

After the war he lived some time in Virginia, married and moved to North Carolina, and about four years ago moved to Tennessee where he resides in Smith County near Carthage.

He will have completed his 67th year on 25 [?] November next. He has almost entirely lost the use of his right arm and has no property except two sows and pigs and some hous hold furniture. He has a wife and six children, the youngest about six weeks old. One of the children is afflicted with fits.

8 Aug. 1818. Smith Co. Tenn. Jonathan Fairs declares John Brent and he belonged to the same brigade. Fairs was a sergeant at the time of the siege of Fort Mifflin and the battle at the Redbank Fort. He was not personally acquainted with Brent but from several questions asked Brent is convinced Brent must have been there.

21 Aug. 1820. Smith Co. Tenn., John Brent of said county, aged 68, declares he entered service in 1775, and served six years In the 2nd Virginia Regiment and was discharged at Winchester Barracks.

He owns one old mare, two cattle, two sows and eight shoats, plow and gear, pot and frying pan, axe and hoe.

His wife Jane is aged 43 and his children are Nancy, aged 9 and subject to fits, son Frankey aged 6 and Elizabeth aged 2. He is a blacksmith but is so disabled he cannot work,

6 Feb, 1837, Smith Co., Tenn, Jane W Brent of said county, aged 74 declares she married John Brent on 9 Jan. 1779 and he died 21 July 1833.

27 Oct. 1837. Smith Co,, Tenn, Jane W Brent, widow of John Brent., declares they were married before his last tour of service.

19 Feb, 1839, Smith Co., Tenn. Josiah R, Smith declares John Brent and his wife had several childrens son and daughters. If-living they would be upwards of 80 years of age. He died several years ago and his wife died last fall, or the under the Act of 1848 was issued 10 Feb. 1868 for increase of pension to $180 per annum from 30 Sept. 1865. Bounty land warrant 233 for 60 acres was issued 19 June 1856.

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