Breedlove, William

Pension Application

BREEDLOVE William, S,2392.

18 March 1833. Simpson Co. Ky, William Breedlove of said county, aged 71 declares he enlisted for two years in 1781 at Albemarle Court House and rendezvoused at Chesterfield Court House.9 Va., under Capt. Scott in the 14th Regiment of Col. Gaskins. He was commanded by Gen. Steuben for a short time at the place of rendezvous. He was discharged in Oct. 1782 at Charleston, S.C. He marched to Point Fork in Fluvanna, County, then to Roanoke [River],and then to the-place of rendezvous. After many marches he marched to Yorktown and was at the capture of Cornwallis. He went to Cumberland Court House where he remained until 1782 and then to Georgia and then to Charleston, S.C. He lived In Albemarle Go., Va., when he enlisted. A part of the time after Capt. Scott left the-company he was under Capt. Warman. Gen. Wayne commanded the detachment when he went Into Georgia. He was in a battle between Wayne and the Indians near Savannah. Warman was wounded at the siege of Yorktovm. He knew.Capt. Beverly Roy, Col. Thomas Posey., Maj, Findley and Col, Febiger, He served from 1 Jan, 1781 until Oct 1782,

18 March 1833. Simpson Co… Ky, Martin Breedlove of said county, aged 62, declares he remembers when his brother William went into the Revolutionary War and when he returned,

William Breedlove of Simpson Cos. Ky, private in the company of Capt. Scott in the regiment of Col. Gaskins in the…

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