Boxwell, Joseph

Pension Application

…county aged about 65, declares he enlisted in the spring of 1781 as a private for eighteen months in the Virginia Line in Winchester s Va. He was attached to the company of Capt. Kirkpatrick in the 7th Virginia Regiment. He was discharged at Cumberland Old Court Houses Va. He was at the siege of York and in several skirmishes to the southward.

30 Jan, 1819, Augusta Co. Va. William Eskridge declares he knows Joseph Boxwell served more than nine months in the Revolutionary army.

17 Nov, 1820. Morgan Coo, Va. Joseph Boxell of said county, aged 662s declares he enlisted for eighteen months in the company of Capt, Kirkpatrick in the regiment of Col. Thomas Posey in the Virginia Line and was discharged at Cumberland Barracks, Va. He was in the battles of Green Spring in Virginia and Bigagsehe in Georgia, at Gibbins near Savannah under Gen. Wayne and at the siege of York, and at many other skirmishes.

He owns sixteen cattle, forty sheep, barshear plough, two shovel ploughs, twenty hogs, three pair of gears, set of singletrees, table, seven chairs, three pots, two kettles, cupboard, two large spinning wheels, two small spinning wheels pair of steelyardsp skillet and chest.

He is a farmer. His family consists of his wife.Leona., aged 42, son Moses, aged 19, daughter Sally aged 17, daughter Elizabeth aged 15, daughter Martha aged 13, daughter Mary aged 11 son Joseph aged 7,, daughter Letty aged 6., son John aged 4., and daughter Nancy aged 1,

5 Sept* 1825* Morgan Co., Va, Joseph Boxwell of said county, aged 72, declares he enlisted for eighteen months in the company of Capt. Williams In the regiment of Col, Posey in the Virginia Line.

Since he gave a schedule of his property all has been taken from him to pay debts or is worn out, He now has only a cow and mare fourteen years old, and beds and bedding*

He has now an aged wife and four children,

Account of Joseph Boxwell with Brady and Wasons from.19 Oct* 1818 to 8 Nov* 1824* presented by John Brady,

Account of Joseph Boxwell with Brent and Blackwell., from 7 Dee, 1816 to 26 Oct, 18220 presented by Thomas C, Brent,

6 Feb, 1826, Morgan Co., Va. Ferdinand Morris declares the mare mentioned in the schedule of Joseph Boxwell died in 1821, the flock of forty sheep was killed by dogs or wolves about 1822 or 1823, ten or eleven head of cattle were disposed of for another horse and the rest used for the support of his family. Morris lives with him at present,

24 July 1830* Allegany Co*, Md, Joseph Boxwell declares he moved from Virginia to Maryland because his son had rented a place in Allegany-County and he wishes to be with his son or near him.

Joseph Boxwell of Hampshire Co.s Va.., private in the 7th Virginia Regiment for eighteen months, was placed on the Virginia pension roll at $8 per month from 28 Oct. 1818 under the Act of 1818. Certificate 10664 was issued 15 May 1819,

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