Bazzill, John

Pension Application

BAZZILL, John. S.37805.

24 April 1818. Fauquier Co., Va, John Bazzill of said county, aged 56, declares he enlisted in April 1781 at Winchester,, Va…with Capt. Henry Bedinger in the regiment of Col. Gaskins. He served until the autumn or winter of 1782 when he was discharged at Cumberland old Court House.

22 April 1818. Henry Bedinger, Captain 5th Virginia Regiment, certifies that John Bazzill enlisted with him, as a soldier in Col. Gaskins regiment at Winchester in April 1781 for eighteen months. He served the full term and was discharged at Cumberland old Court House in Powhatan County in the autumn or winter of 1782.

20 April 1818. Thomas Parker, a captain in the Revolutionary army at the end of the war, certifies he believes that John Bazzill enlisted in 1881 [sic] and served eighteen months.

5 Sept. 1800. Frederick Co., Va. John (XI) Bazzill of said county, aged 57 in June last, declares he owns 20 acres of land, very rocky and not tillable, three cows, one calf, two hogs, two bee hives, eight old chairs, two, pots, four old tables, dutch oven, frying pan, old grindstone, four kettles, five knives, three or four forks, half a dozen pewter spoons, seven pewter plates and five or six earthen plates, two or three pewter basons, two tea pots, twelve cups and thirteen saucers, two coffee pots, some glasses and bowls, a broken axe, a wedge, coffee pot, pair of tongs, shovel, paid of dog irons, a cherry tree or walnut bureau. He owes about $40 and has $20 due him.

He is a shoemaker but from defect in sight and infirmities cannot work. His family consists of his wife, aged 59 or 60, two daughters (one more than 20, the other aged 18), and one son aged about 20.

John Bazzill of Fauquier Co., Va., private in the regiment of Col. Gaskins in the Virginia Line for eighteen months, was placed on the Virginia pension roll at per month from 24 April 1818 under the Act of 1810. Certificate 7319 was issued 6 March 1819.

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