Atkinson, William

Pension Application

ATKINSON, William. R. 296.

19 Feb. 1821, Grainger Co. Tenn, William M Atkinson of said county aged about 66, declares he enlisted in Cumberland Co., Va., in the company of Capt. Kirkpatrick in the 8th Virginia Regiment under Col. Gaskins and then Col. Posey. He was a sergeant. He thinks he entered service about eighteen months before the capture of Cornwallis and was discharged in Cumberland County about the end of the war.

He was a minute man with Montgomery at Quebec when he fell, was at the taking of Burgoyne, the capture of Cornwallis and at Ogechee Bridge in Georgia, from which he came home to Cumberland County and was discharged. He sold his discharge for about $10.

He owns land worth about $60, one mare and colt, three cows three yearlings and household furniture. He is a stone mason but is frail and palsied. His wife is older than he and can hardly go about.

William Atkinson died before this declaration was received

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