Battalion Organization

Field Officers


Capt. Benjamin Harris’s Company

  • Sgt. Jesse Beck, Enlisted March 1 1781 at Charlottesville, Capt. Benjamin Harris’ Coy, Brother reported him as wearing “a sword and the uniform of a sergeant”
  • Pvt. William Breedlove, Enlisted March 1781 in Albemarle County, Capt. Benj. Harris
  • Pvt. Jesse Lewis, Enlisted March 1781 in Albemarle County, Capt. Benjamin Harris’ Coy
  • Pvt. Joseph Goodman, Enlisted Spring 1781, Capt. Benjamin Harris’s Coy

Capt. John Harris’s Company

  • Pvt. Charles Cooke, Enlisted March 1781 at Charlottesville, John Harris’s Coy
  • Pvt. Blan Shiflet, Drafted late Spring 1781, Capt. John Harris’ Coy, Discharged October 1781
  • Pvt. Richard Snow, Albemarle County, Capt. John Harris’ Coy

Capt. Abraham Kirkpatrick’s Company

  • Lt. Robert or Thomas Craddock
  • Ensign Bedinger
  • Pvt. William Atkinson, Enlisted in Cumberland County, Kirkpatrick’s Coy
  • Pvt. Elias Barbee, Enlisted in ’81 as a private in Capt. A. Kirkpatrick’s Co., Colonel Gaskin’s Virg. Regiment. He marched from Culpeper to Fredericksburg to the Potomac River to Albemarle Co., across Stanton River then to James River near Jamestown and was at the siege of Yorktown. Discharged at Cumberland’s old Courthouse. (Provided by
  • Pvt. John Bazzill, Enlisted April 1781 at Winchester, Kirkpatrick’s Coy
  • Pvt. Joseph Boxwell, Enlisted Spring of 1781 at Winchester, Kirkpatrick’s Coy
  • Pvt. Robert Boxwell, Enlisted 1781 in Frederick County, Kirkpatrick’s Coy
  • Pvt. John Brent, Enlisted April 2 1781, Kirkpatrick’s Coy, “some part of the time he acted as an artificer, he being a blacksmith”
  • Pvt. Reuben Brizendine, Enlisted March 22 1781, Kirkpatrick’s Coy, Lt. Robert Craddock from Amelia
  • Pvt. David Buffington, Substituted for William or Benjamin Ely, Kirkpatrick’s Coy. Originator of the story about Steuben and the black snakes, or “bush eels”
  • Pvt. Francis Bundy, Enlisted April 1780 [1781] in Caroline County, Kirkpatrick’s Coy
  • Pvt. Thomas Carter, Enlisted 1780, Kirkpatrick’s Co’y
  • Pvt. Henry W. Davis, Enlisted 1779 [?], Kirkpatrick’s Coy
  • Pvt. John Ducker, Enlisted April 7 1781 at Winchester, Capt. Kirkpatrick’s Coy, Lt. Thomas Craddock, Ensign Bedinger
  • Pvt. William Foxworthy, Drafted in March 1781, Kirkpatrick’s Coy
  • Pvt. Lewis Goodin, Enlisted 1780, Kirkpatrick’s Coy
  • Pvt. James Grant, Court martialed for malicious wounding of Capt. Kirkpatrick (see Battalion History).

Capt. William Lewis Lovely‘s Company

  • Pvt. Nicholas Blankenbaker, Enlisted Mark 1781 at Culpeper, Was sick and left at hospital in Charlottesville, rejoined the battalion under Capt. Lovely at Yorktown.

Capt. Thomas Martin’s Company

  • Pvt. Elijah Abbot, Enlisted in 1781 in Stafford County, Martin’s Coy
  • Pvt. Thomas Douglass, Enlisted Spring 1781, Capt. Thomas Martin’s Coy
  • Pvt. William Harris, Capt. Thomas Martin’s Coy
  • Pvt. William Spurling, Capt. Thomas Martin’s Coy

Capt. Alexander Parker‘s Company

Unconfirmed Companies

Capt. Lamb’s Company

Only mentioned in one pension application so far [see below]

  • Pvt. John Foster, Enlisted May or June 1781, Capt. Lamb’s Coy

Capt. Andrew Lewis‘s Company

Unable to find a “Captain” Andrew Lewis. There was a Lt. Andrew Lewis who served in the Virginia Continental Line and may be one of the lieutenants that supposedly commanded companies in the battalion. His name was listed without documentation in Sanchez-Saavedra’s book, A Guide to Virginia Military Organizations in the American Revolution.¬†Another Andrew Lewis was General Lewis, of Dunmore’s War fame. It is highly unlikely that he was a captain by the end of the war.

Capt. Balmes Smith’s Company

Only mentioned in one pension application so far (see below)

  • Pvt. John Davis, Enlisted Winter 1780-81 in Botetourt County, Capt. Balmes Smith’s Coy, Gun barrel exploded when a shell went off next to him while on sentry duty at Yorktown.

Capt. Thomas Warman‘s Company

Warman probably became attached to this unit at its stay at Cumberland Old Court House in the winter of 1781-1782, as his name only appears in pension applications as either the discharger of the individual or as a participant in the southern activities under Posey.

Capt. Woodson’s Company

Only mentioned in one pension application so far(see below)

  • Pvt. Benjamin Fisher, Enlisted March 1781 at Tappahanock, Capt. Woodson’s Coy. Transferred to a dragoon unit being sent south to William Washington, but became a “bowman” of von Steuben first and remained with Steuben until the end of the war.

Capt. Wroe’s Company

Only mentioned in one pension application so far (see below)

  • Pvt. John France, Enlisted 1781 in Richmond County, Capt. Wroe’s Coy

4 additional companies commanded by lieutenants and sergeants

As mentioned in Sanchez-Saavedra’s book, “A Guide to Virginia Military Organizations in the American Revolution.”

*Some captains listed above may or may not be accurate. This information came from pension applications completed when the men were 50-70 years old, hence memory problems. The text of the pension applications for most of these soldiers will be included on this site soon.

Rank & File with Unknown Companies

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