Historical Timeline

Gaskins’ Battalion, Virginia Continental Line

MAY 1781

  • Mid Month- At Carter’s Ferry
  • 24th- Joined Gen. Steuben at Albemarle Court House
  • 28th- Departed Albemarle Court House
  • 30th- Encamped at David Ross’s Plantation near Point of Fork

JUNE 1781

  • 4th- Crossed to South Bank of the James
  • 5th- Battle of Point of Fork, Steuben sends Capt. Kirkpatrick to North Carolina with a dispatch for the Governor of that state
  • 6th- Departed Willis River
  • 8th- Capt. Kirkpatrick arrives in Granville, North Carolina
  • 9th- At Charlotte Court House
  • 10th- Arrives at Coles Ferry on the Staunton River. Steuben receives word from Kirkpatrick that Gen. Jethro Sumner wishes the battalion to remain in Virginia
  • 11th- Depart Coles Ferry
  • 13th- At Charlotte Court House
  • 14th- At Prince Edward
  • 16th- At Carter’s Ferry
  • 19th- Encamped at Col. Dandridge’s House in Hanover County, 22 miles NW of Richmond. Rendezvous with Gen. Anthony Wayne. Febiger takes command of Battalion.
  • 23rd- Wayne’s camp under alarm, preparing for an engagement with Cornwallis, but Cornwallis proceeds to Williamsburg.
  • 25th- Encamped at New Kent Court House.

JULY 1781

  • 3rd- Position of troops: Gen. Campbell’s Rifles in front near Byrd’s Ordinary (sixteen miles from Williamsburg), Febiger’s (Gaskins’) Virginia detachment four miles behind Campbell, Wayne and Muhlenberg one and a half miles farther back, and in their rear the militia and artillery. Febiger states that the army had not been encamped so closely in nearly three weeks.
  • 4th- The troops celebrated “Independence” in true camp style, parading and firing salutes.
  • 6th- Battle of Green Springs, Battalion placed 6 miles back in second line. Gaskins resumes command of the Battalion as ordered by Lafayette.
  • 13th- Gaskins Battalion (300 men), Pennsylvanians (500), and Morgan’s Riflemen (500) arrive at James River
  • 15th- Crossed James River to Chesterfield
  • 18th- Moved up Appomattox River as far as Goode’s Bridge (at border of Chesterfield and Amelia Counties)
  • c. 23rd- Gaskins men threaten not to leave the state for North Carolina until they receive clothing and pay


  • 2nd- Moved back to James River
  • 5th- Crossed James, encamped at Westham Heights
  • 8th- Marched through Richmond, camped on the Chickahominy River at Bottom’s Bridge. Capt Kirkpatrick is shot by Private James Grant.
  • 12th- Private James Grant court martialed for malicious wounding of Captain Abraham Kirkpatrick
  • 16th- Encamped in Newcastle vicinity
  • c. 18th- Gaskins Battalion sent to James River by Wayne to separate from Pennsylvanians
  • 29th- Crossed James River


  • 2nd- Moved to Cobham, across the James River from Jamestown
  • 3rd- Crossed James, laid in the fields at Jamestown, marched to Green Springs in afternoon
  • 4th- Arrived in Williamsburg
  • 8th- Gaskins Battalion placed in Advanced Corps under Muhlenberg with: a Rifle Regiment, Stevens and Lawsons Militia Brigades. They guarded roads and passes between Yorktown and Williamsburg.
  • 15th- Gen. Washington reviews the Virginia Continental Line (Gaskins Battalion)
  • 24th- Battalion placed back in Wayne’s Brigade, Steuben’s Division
  • 25th- Gen. Steuben inspects Gaskins Battalion
  • 27th- Marched to encampment outside of Williamsburg
  • 28th- Steuben’s Division encamps between two streams that formed the Warwick River and in front of the Williamsburg-Hampton Road. Gaskins Battalion was in the center, Maryland troops were on the left, and Pennsylvanians were on the right.


  • 4th- Gaskins Battalion on duty digging approaches to the First Parallel
  • 8th- Steuben’s Division on duty in First Parallel
  • 11th- Steuben’s Division on duty in First Parallel
  • 14th- Steuben’s Division on duty in First Parallel
  • 19th- Gen. Cornwallis Surrenders British Garrison at Yorktown

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